John Meyer/John Mayer

Posted September 2nd, 2009 by Andy. Comment (1).

Yesterday for work I went to the Meyer Sound factory in Berkley.  They specialize in making loudspeakers for all kinds of applications.  I love sound and speakers so this was a special factory tour for me.  The founder is named John Meyer so I got to thinking that they should do a marketing partnership with John Mayer.  They could make the John Mayer John Meyer speaker.  I suggested it to the guy showing us around so we’ll see if anything pops up.  If it does, you know where they got the idea.

One response to “John Meyer/John Mayer”

  1. Brian Wong

    That’s pretty awesome. I guess you didn’t get to meet John Meyer, huh?

    They should pay you royalties if they use your idea. haha.

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