Goodbye SF…for Now

Posted September 14th, 2009 by Andy. Comment (1).

I just finished up my internship at Charles Salter Associates in San Francisco.  My summer in SF is officially over.  As I look back and reflect on my time there, I realize that God taught me much this summer as he continues to mold and shape my character.  I’ll try to share (as briefly as possible) a few of the notable things that happened while I was there. Hopefully you can laugh/enjoy/relate to something.

#1  I saw two shop lifters in the first two days I was there.  Welcome to the City, bako boy.

#2 I think I have a mild case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  SF is a foggy city and I felt the effects.  I need my Bakersfield sun.

#3  I’m from a predominantly Caucasian, spread-out, flat, conservative, and sunny town.  SF is predominantly an Asian, dense, hilly, liberal, foggy city.

#4  SF seems to see all four seasons in one day.

#5 I’ve probably eaten more Chinese food in the last three months than I have in my entire 22 years of life.

#6 I mastered public transportation in SF.  Public transportation is unheard of in Bakersfield.  Everybody drives their huge trucks anytime they need to get anywhere.

#7 The 7:35 38AX bus at 33rd and Geary has the best bus driver.

#8 Sunset Church is legit.

#9 There’s a Chinese bakery at 35st and Balboa where they have a “closing special” at about 5:50pm where you can get 3 baos for $1.20.  Hello breakfast.

#10 Finding parking in the Richmond was tough, until I discovered an abundance of parking on Clement street along the golf course.  I didn’t mind the walk back home because at least I knew I could always find a spot there.

#11 SF specializes in building things smaller than they should be.  For Example: I saw many variations of a “full-sized” basketball court.  The poor kids that grow up playing on some of these miniature courts are going to have a heart attack the first time they play on a real court.

#12 Toby took me to my first Giants game.  We sat about 10 rows up right behind the batter.  Oh…and it also happened to be the no-hitter when Sanchez was on the mound.

#13 I once saw my bus pulling away from a stop downtown and I actually ran after it and caught it about 4 blocks later at the next stop.

#14 I got two parking tickets this summer.  One for stupid street cleaning, and one because I was barely blocking someone’s driveway.  California is definitely hurting economically.

#15 The Crocker Galleria downtown on Sutter Street has an awesome rooftop lunch eating area.

#16 One time I went to play pick up basketball with Toby at a public rec center.  I tried to talk to some guys to get a game going…and I discovered that I didn’t speak the native tongue.  I felt like I was in a foreign country, in my own country.

#17 I can’t seem to pump gas sometimes (see entry below).

That’s all I can think of right now…I’ll add more later if anything comes to mind.

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  1. Brian Wong

    Dude, that list is freakin’ awesome. I love your SF/Bakersfield comparison, the full-sized basketball court anecdote, and the one about you chasing down your bus. Good thing you’re in shape. haha.

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