Pick up basketball

Posted September 26th, 2009 by Andy. Comment (0).

So I one of my favorite things to do at school is play games of pick up basketball at the Rec Center.  This past week I went and I was just about to get a game going when a couple of guys on my team decide they want to play shirts and skins.  They start taking off their shirts, and they ask me if I’m gonna take mine off.  I decline.  I don’t like defending people in the post with slimy back sweat (ugh).  A few plays into the game one of my teammates with his shirt off says, “OW!” and reaches behind his back.  I look over and see him grab this bee off his back and throw it on the ground.  He just got stung by a bee.  I had to just laugh inside, I ran by and told him, “That’s why I keep my shirt on.”

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