Home Theater Part II

Posted February 16th, 2010 by Andy. Comment (0).

So just coming out of college, I would imagine I’m not going to have a ton of money to spend on a speaker system.  So I’ve decided to go with what I believe is the best 5 set speaker package for the price.  It is the Klipsch Quintet III.  These speakers have been on the market for a couple years now, and I think they may be phasing them out soon.  I probably should buy them the next time they are on sale.  Klipsch is a well respected speaker company for those looking to spend a little more than the very basic systems like sony, samsung, and panasonic which are found at department stores.  I’d say Klipsch is a step up from those and equivalent to Polk Audio or Energy systems.  Klipsch’s trademark is that they like to use horn tweeters in their speakers.  All the reviews I’ve read about this system say people are amazed at how much sound this system puts out with such small speakers.  I love the fact that the speakers include actual binding posts and not the cheap spring loaded ones.  The satellite speaker stands are multi-functional in that you can set them on a bookshelf, or swing them around and wall mount the speaker.  Next time I’ll talk about the Subwoofer I’ve chosen.

Klipsch Quintet iii

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