Posted February 18th, 2010 by Andy. Comment (0).

As a poor college student, great deals are always attractive.  No deal is better than a free subwoofer.  Originally I was quite fond of the Klipsch Synergy Sub-10 just so it would match with the other speakers, but then my cousin offered me a sub for free.  No way I could pass that up.  Turns out he had an Energy ES-12 sub.  It’s a non-ported sub so there’s no sound hole in the enclosure.  I’ve had trouble finding any reviews or pricing information on this sub because I think it’s pretty old.  Either way I really like this sub and I’m grateful that I got it for free.  At 12 inches I know that it will be able to fill any size living room that I will be moving into.  When I’ve hooked it up, the sub hits don’t seem to be as tight and accurate as I would like. The hits are a little bit loose.  Perhaps I need to fiddle with the settings a bit.

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