Bad Days vs. Hard Days

I just wanted to post a quick blog before I forget.  I am listening to the Catalyst Podcast where they are having a candid interview with Francis Chan.  He was asked the question, “What does a bad day look for Francis?”  He simply explained there is a difference between hard days and bad days.  Chan says, “Hard days are good days… The bad days are when I am in sin, the days when I take my eyes off of Jesus…  I can go to bed with peace and I can sleep if I’ve had a hard day, but not if I’ve had a bad day, not if the sin got the best of me and there was guilt.”

Let us not confuse hard days with bad days.  And let us not have bad days 🙂

One thought on “Bad Days vs. Hard Days”

  1. Dude, I like that. Today was a good day, so I don’t have to worry about it…today at least.

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